The Process of Manufacturing Parts and Planning and Sustainability of Production

Research before design

After examining the market demand and what the packaging industry wants from us to visit the stores and see foreign and domestic parts and hours of discussion and information exchange of the final piece of information for construction by management.

Design and construction

After the selection of the piece, the design begins. Design should be in such a way that both quality is both beautiful and user-friendly, consumable, competitive both in the market and in the customer’s attraction, which runs from design to component production and production through coordination and management supervision.

Production process

The piece is made after the approval of its production bases of the number and carton, the manufacture of labels, the type of packaging and the type of packaging, and what we emphasize is the quality of production and the consistent and continuous process of quality at different times of production.

Honest Communication

In the end, we, as our people and honorary servants, encourage and approve you dear customers and always have the full readiness to hear your feedback and suggestions.

Get the right precision in the purchase of packaging containers.

Who are we?

Couhsar Plastic IndustriesSince 1988, in the field of mold making, it has been operating and in 1370, in addition to molding and servicing to the dear producers, it presented its first products, and over time, we bought some plastic injection machines and expanded our home appliances business. In the industry.

Continuity in quality and price

Fair and uniform rate

Customer satisfaction

Elegant design

The importance of being hygienic

Fast and timely service

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